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Cash Out Refinance

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There are numerous reasons you might be interested in accessing your home's untapped equity. Perhaps you paid in cash to strengthen your original offer, or maybe the rising market has built up equity that you'd like to use in paying off some of your bigger expenses. Sierra Pacific Mortgage makes it easy for you to take cash out. And with today’s interest rates, there’s no reason not to.

A cash-out refinance means refinancing for more than the amount you owe, and then taking the difference in cash.


In most cases, a cash-out refinance will offer a better interest rate than debts such as student loans or credit cards. Bottom line, that means that you have lower payments to service your existing payments. With fixed rate, a cash-out refinance can also be a better solution than an adjustable-rate home equity line of credit. In most cases, because it's a secured loan, the interest payments are also tax-deductible.


Whether you're planning to pay college or medical expenses, do a major home remodel, or fund a business venture, doing a cash-out refinance can be a cost-effective financial move. Your Sierra Pacific loan officer can advise you on the best approach to your individual goals and situation, including all the variables in your existing home loan and your other debts.

Access your homes untapped equity