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  • Moises Cardenas

Why should getting pre-qualified be my first step?

When looking to purchase a home, speaking to a real estate agent may seem like the first step in the process. Knowing how much of a house you can actually purchase should be your first step, so speaking to a Mortgage Lender to get prequalified is very important so you don't fall in love with a house that isn't in your price range.

Estimate of Home

The first reason to get prequalified is to know an accurate estimate of how much of a house you can actually purchase. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a home, and a Mortgage Lender will walk you through the various scenarios and extra details so that you can comfortably speak to a real estate agent.

Accurate Estimated Monthly Payment

The second reason to get prequalified is so that you know an accurate estimated monthly payment. When purchasing a home, a lot of home buyers don't realize there are other costs in your Mortgage including taxes and homeowners insurance. It is also a great way to indicate if you will need a down payment at closing depending on your loan type.

Serious Buyer

The third reason is to show that you are a serious buyer. A lot of realtors won't even show you a home until you get prequalified. More importantly, a selling agent will NOT even consider an offer from your agent unless they have a pre-qualification letter. The next step would be to get pre-approved, which could also help in a bidding situation where the seller has multiple offers on the table.

Getting pre-qualified should be a natural first step for future homeowners, and speaking to one of our mortgage lenders can help you get there. Contact us today to learn more!